Printing Services

Need Prints of Your 3D Rendering? Here’s How We Can Help:

    • We Work with You to Make Your Own Prints: Our standard services include up to one hour to help you print your files. We’ve helped hundreds of our clients make great quality prints using their own printer.
    • We Work with Your Print Vendor: If you already have a print professional, we include up to one hour to work with them to deliver the files and make any adjustment they require to get the best quality prints.
    • If You Don’t Have a Print Professional: We recommend FedEx Office. FedEx Office offers top quality prints at very competitive prices, in dozens of size options, with service available from thousands of locations.

Here’s how our remote printing services work:

      • We locate the FedEx Office nearest to you – with over 1,500 locations worldwide, chances are there is one within driving distance where you can pick up your prints in person. If not, we can arrange for economical FedEx delivery of the prints to your address.
      • We send your digital files directly to FedEx Office and confer with the printing operators to get all the technical details exactly right. Your prints can be ready in as little as one hour. FedEx Office also provides free proof-prints, which means you can review a proof in person; if there are any adjustments to be made, we edit the images and send a revised set of digital files to FedEx for final printing.
      • FedEx Office offers hundreds of print options – here’s a list of some common presentation sizes and costs:
        Dimensions Paper Type Price per Print
        14″ x 11″ Photo Glossy $6.99
        18″ x 12″ Photo Glossy $8.99
        20″ x 16″ Photo Glossy $21.75
        18″ x 24″ Photo Glossy $21.75
        36″ x 24″ Photo Glossy $43.50
        48″ x 36″ Photo Glossy $87.00

Custom sizes are available too, and we can help craft a solution tailor-made for your project’s requirements.

If you have other questions related to printing and the final deliverables, please see our FAQ for additional information. And of course, you can always call us at 1­-800­-750­-2535 and let us know how we can help.

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