Video Productions

Video Productions combine your project’s imagery with music, voice-over and motion graphics to create a media presentation that tells a complete story.

We’re seasoned professionals at creating video productions that showcase and explain key aspects of architectural projects. We work with you to devise a strategy that will reach your audience in a targeted way. Typical uses of video productions are:

  • Marketing Videos With video & animation, you can tell a prospective buyer an enormous amount: give a virtual tour of your project before it’s built, show them the neighborhood, inspire them with footage of nearby attractions, set a mood and tone with sophisticated music, motion graphics and voice over. Marketing videos can be an effective on multiple formats – as a looping video in a sales office or as a streaming video on a website.
  • Presentation Videos By editing together imagery from your project with video and stills of the site’s present context, you can relay information that might be impossible to tell with stills or animation alone. We can impart complex interrelationships by zooming from regional, state, even international levels to your project’s doorstep
  • Fundraising Videos Much like a marketing video, these are meant to relay information to prospective stakeholders.


Here’s a marketing video that our team completed for a condominium development in Northern California:

Here’s the full array of Video Production services we offer:

  • Script & storyboarding
  • Live videotaping
  • Animations
  • Still and motion graphics
  • Professional voice-over
  • Sound effects and sound design
  • Music
  • Post-production and editing
  • Mastering and duplication

Typical production time varies, but most projects can be completed in four weeks from beginning the script, to delivery of the completed master files.

Video productions can be delivered on a wide array of media: DVDs, CDs, streaming website movies, and more.

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